1. Do a save-all from console or in-game if you're OP
    • Console: save-all
    • In-game: /save-all
  2. Stop the server from console or in-game if you're OP
    • Console: stop
    • In-game: /stop
  3. Create a backup copy of your server folder in case anything goes wrong
  4. Download the updated server files from curse or the FTB launcher
  5. Unpack the files (don't unpack to the same location as your server files containing your world)
  6. From your server folder remove all folders that comes with the new server zip file, usually the following (there might be more than listed below, or less):
    • Folders
      • config
      • libraries
      • mods
      • resources
      • scripts
    • Files
      • FTBserver-xxxxxxxx.jar
      • version.json
  7. From the unpacked folder containing the updateded modpack, copy over all folders to your server folder
  8. From the unpacked folder containing the updated modpack, copy over FTBserver-xxxxx.jar and version.json to your server folder
  9. Start the server
  10. When the server starts 1st time after update you want to look in the console and it might stop with text about fml confirm
    • Console: /fml confirm
  11. When the server is done loading, log in and check that everything looks ok
  12. If you're low on space you might want to remove the manual backup from disk when you know everything is OK, or move it to another location